Hikers rescued from 120-foot cliff in Discovery Park

SEATTLE -- A Friday evening visit to Seattle's Discovery Park almost ended in disaster when a pair of hikers became stranded with their dog on a 120-foot cliff.

The man and woman said they hiked down to the beach Friday evening, but the high tide forced them to move up a steep and muddy trail.

They couldn't find their way back up to the top of the hill in the dark, so they called for help.

"We climbed up it, and then it went from dirt to clay so it was like a slip and slide and we didn't want to slide down and break our necks," rescued hiker Collette Kitchell said.

A police officer was able to hike up to their perch and lead them and their dog down to a rescue boat.

Neither hiker was injured, and medics transported the pair to their SUV.