'He's a tricky little snake': Python escapes at Issaquah High School

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- A classroom pet snake at Issaquah High School is on the run after it escaped from its pen sometime Tuesday night.

The 2 foot ball python named "Hamilton" was discovered missing from his cage in a biology classroom when classes began Wednesday morning. The snake was last seen Tuesday night during parent curriculum night and was still in his pen when they closed up for the night.

"We think he escaped all on his own," said principal Andrea McCormick. "He's a tricky little snake."

The ball python is a common household pet, is non venomous and is inherently docile, McCormick said, adding he poses no danger to people.

School officials searched the classroom Wednesday morning to no avail, then called in animal control. Their search came up empty as well.

McCormick says they were told the snake may have tried to escape to take advantage of the hot weather outside as their species like to bake in the sun. They've set a mousetrap near Hamilton's cage in attempt to lure him back, but if no luck, animal control officials say the snake is likely long gone.