Heartless thieves burglarize Girl Scouts, steal cookies

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- A Girl Scout troop is asking for help after falling victim to a heartless thief.

Police say the burglar or burglars forced their way into a back door of a Marysville office the scouts were storing items they were going to sell in a garage sale to raise money for an upcoming trip to Europe.

"(The trip) is something completely new, (something) we're not used to because we've all grown up around the northwest area and we all haven't really got out," said Girl Scout Shannon Davidson.

The girls are heartbroken about the theft, but they're determined to find a way to fund their trip.

Like all Girl Scouts, the Marysville teens are dedicated to community service. They've helped senior citizens, raised money for an animal shelter and planted trees in the county. But now they're hoping the community will help them.

The owners of the office where the items were stored came in Monday morning and found the place in disarray. A laptop was stolen, and the scout troop's garage sale items were also gone. The scouts had nearly $500 worth of items, including an Xbox and games, tools, kitchen appliances and clothing.

"I feel devastated," said scout Kaitlyn Samaniego. "We've been loading cars and unloading cars with heavy things."

The burglars even took boxes of Girl Scout cookies, but they left a box of thin mints in the doorway.

The teens have a message for the person who took their donations.

"You have not just taken items, you have taken some hopes," Samaniego said.

Despite the loss, the girls say this is just a bump in the road.

"We all are really strong as a troop," Davidson said. "We're going to get up and we're going to go work 10 times harder and we're going to get to that London trip. We are going to make it there."

The trip will cost each Girl Scout about $3,000. If you'd like to donate any garage sale items, you can contact the troop by email.