Hawk heads flock to Tacoma barber shop

SEATTLE -- Super Seahawk fans are losing their heads with excitement, and some are losing their hair for the Hawks, too.

In Tacoma, D.J. Taber's Barber & Beauty Shop is buzzing with Hawk talk, and the 12th Mane has taken over.

From Toddlers to teens, New Yorkers to grandmothers, there are a lot of customers hankering for a Hawk shaved into their head.

"Three or 4 years ago I was calling people asking them if I could cut their hair. Now getting to the point where I can't even answer my phone without people saying can I get a haircut with a Seahawk in it," said owner D.J. Taber.

Taber says his mission is to have people come in as customers and leave feeling like family. Most didn't leave for a long time. Not because hawk buzz cuts took so much time but because everyone kept talking. Seahawk flags, jerseys, and photos fill the walls. Every stylist donned blue and green. Well, almost everyone.

Ruben Cortez is a fanatics 49ers fan. He decks out in red and gold regularly, and co-workers say he has his favorite team logo tattooed by his heart. But Cortez does more signature Seahawk styles than any other barber in the shop. 20 cuts this week alone.

"I gotta make money," he joked. "49ers aren't sending me a check but I do love this team." And his boss seems to enjoy the irony. Watching Cortez shave a signature hawk above a seven year old's ear, D.J. says, "I love it, I love it. It's kind of like watching the evil empire bow down to their rival."