Happy Repeal Day! Here's where to celebrate in Seattle

December 5th isn't a national holiday, or even one that many people celebrate -- but for those who appreciate a good drink, it should be.

On this day in 1933, the Eighteenth Amendment was ratified, ending prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States; hence, December 5 is Repeal Day. Naturally, some local bars are celebrating with specials and events to commemorate drier times and toast to the constitutional right to imbibe.

Seattle's various speakeasy-style establishments, like Canon, Knee-High Stocking Co. and Bathtub Gin are all celebrating with drink specials -- look for cut-rate shots of very-expensive aged whiskey at Canon and $3 shots of Fernet at Bathtub Gin, while Knee High is extending happy hour until close.

Meanwhile, local restaurant titan Ethan Stowell is hosting a Repeal Day bash at Bar Cotto, where top-hats and gloves are encouraged. The "giant bowl of adult punch" certainly sounds promising.

Liberty is also going the punch bowl route (they were big in the 30s) -- but they're teaming up with the Seattle Gin Society and Seattle Rum Collective to make it a competition. And while it's mostly a celebration of libation, it's also for charity; proceeds of the competition go to Toys for Tots.

Also on Capitol Hill, Smith is teaming up with Oola Distillery to offer drink specials on Prohibition-era cocktails, like the Hanky Panky.

It goes without saying that period attire will be welcome and, in fact, recommended at any of the aforementioned establishments.

Know of any others that are participating? Be sure to leave them in the comments.