Happy Pi Day! Here are 6 places to eat pie in Seattle

For movie buffs, there's the Oscars. For political junkies, there's election night. And for the mathletes among us, there's Pi Day, which is March 14 (get it? It's 3.14), which is today. So...let's eat pie!

In years past, celebrating Pi Day was as basic as heading to QFC for a generic baked good that would do the trick, but not exactly blow your mind. But now, because pie is having kind of a moment, there's no shortage of places to get a slice (and maybe a scoop of ice cream, too). Don't have much of a sweet tooth? Some of these spots offer savory fare, as well.

So, without further delay, here are just a few of the Emerald City's best pie spots:

  • Shoofly Pie: A classic purveyor of handmade pies, Shoofly has been holding it down in West Seattle for nearly a decade. Shoofly rotates their menu seasonally, which means you can get a different flavor every time you visit.

  • High 5 Pie: Do you love to eat pie, but hate the mess? Grab a hand-held turnover or a piejar from High 5. Yup, pie baked into a jar. Because it's on Capitol Hill so of course. Oh, and they also have vegan options, which is considerate of them.

  • A la Mode: Three words: Mexican. Chocolate. Mousse. Oh, and also bourbon butterscotch pie. Oh and also key lime pie. Pretty much every kind of pie you want. And if you can't down an entire slice (with Bluebird Ice Cream), get a wee sweet in the form of a "lollipie," or a tiny pie on a stick.

  • Pie: Yup, that's its whole name -- and that's what it sells! Pie one of those great spots, though, where you can actually have pie for dinner, because their hearty savory goodies are packed with actual (read: non-fruit-compote-related) food fillings, like veggies and meat. And with two locations (one in Fremont, one inside the Seattle Center Armory), they're easy to get at.

  • American Pie Company: Skipped breakfast? APC has breakfast pies. They also have pot pies. They also have tikka masala pie, which is truly an innovation.

  • Flying Apron: Gluten-free? Vegan? Both? Flying Apron has you covered with their frozen take-and-bake pies in yummy flavors like sweet potato and pecan.