Handgun delivery mix-up has Burien man fuming

SEATTLE -- The entire country seems to be talking about gun control right now, but one local gun story has everyone involved scratching their heads.

A Burien man says a legally purchased and registered handgun of his was delivered to the wrong address on Christmas Eve, and he wants someone to step up and take responsibility for what he calls a "dangerous mistake."

Richard Crist sent his gun in for repairs, but things somehow got mixed up when the gun was shipped back to him. The gun, which was packed inside a FedEx box, had the correct address on it but was delivered to home a couple of blocks away.

Crist calls himself a fastidiously careful gun owner and said he's very angry about the screw-up.

"I'm beyond that," he said. "My first reaction was, just, shaking."

The woman who received the box realized it wasn't for her and returned it unopened the following day.

"If some psycho had gotten a hold of this gun, and gone in and shot a bunch of people, it's my butt," Crist said. "This is registered to me. It's a registered gun. It's registered to me."

The FedEx website shows the box being delivered at 4:45 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Someone signed for it, and Fed Ex computers read the signature as "S. Crest," but say it could have been "R. Crist."

Crist insists he didn't sign for the package and wonders if someone claimed to be him when the box arrived at the wrong address.