Gov't approves Kirkland co.'s self-cleaning keyboard

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Staying healthy at work can be tough, especially for those who share a keyboard with co-workers. Just typing can expose the user to millions of germs.

But a Kirkland company has come up with a solution -- a self-sanitizing keyboard.

Vioguard has just received government approval to sell its keyboard, which is specifically designed to fight germs in a multi-user environment.

When the user is finished typing, he or she presses a button. The keyboard then retracts, and is hit with powerful ultraviolet light.

"When this keyboard pops back out, you have killed 99.99 percent of all germs," said Larry Ranta, president of Vioguard.

Ranta sees potential for his product in hospitals, schools and restaurants as well as in the homes for private use.

"One of the things we get frequently is, 'Why didn't we think of this?"' he said.

Vioguard hopes to have the keyboards on the market later this year. It is expected to cost around $350.