Government shutdown could delay Boeing 787 deliveries

If the shutdown of the federal government continues for an extended period of time, there is a possibility of a delay in the delivery of some Boeing jets to customers, says a Boeing spokesperson.

"Boeing Commercial Airplanes is continuing to complete and certify commercial airplanes, and make them available for delivery during the government shutdown, says Doug Alder, with Boeing media relations. "Boeing is an FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) holder and has been granted delegated authority to perform some of its own certification work on behalf of the FAA. We will continue to operate the ODA as normal during the shutdown.'

But here is the potential problem; because some FAA employees retain certification duties for some Boeing products, deliveries of airplanes where customers have made interior design changes, or 787s delivered from Boeing's South Carolina plant "could be delayed during the shutdown," Alder says. " Also, certification of some our development programs could potentially be slowed or delayed."

Despite the shutdown which started Tuesday, Boeing delivered two 787s from South Carolina to customers. Alder did not indicate how long the government shutdown would have to continue, before the company would feel the impact on its Dreamliner deliveries in South Carolina.