Got a lead foot? Troopers near Everett have eyes on you

EVERETT, Wash. -- A speed campaign in Snohomish County has troopers cracking down and drivers paying up.

Dave Hey is one of 11,000 drivers pulled over for speeding in the county in the last year -- nabbed for going 76 in a 60.

"I was trying to go around a car and I went too fast," he said.

The campaign is part of a year-long effort to crack down on speeders in Snohomish County -- aimed at cutting down on violent crashes.

Based off of data collected by local agencies, the Washington State Patrol found that speeding was particularly bad on I-5 north of Everett and on I-405 north of Canyon Park.

One third of all traffic stops were on a stretch of I-5 near the Everett scales.

"We're not just kind of willy-nilly going out and working speed wherever," said trooper Kirk Rudeen.

Troopers attributes a 41 percent drop in fatal crashes directly to the crackdown. They say it's so successful, other counties across the country are imitating it -- whether drivers here like it or not.

"I agree with what they're doing," Hey said. "For me, I feel I was an unfortunate victim of circumstance."

Although the program is a year old, they're not stopping anytime soon.