Google to expand Kirkland campus, efforts to 'not think about boundaries'

Google is doubling the size of its Kirkland offices in terms of land and employees. The Mountain View based company announced an expansion on Tuesday. It includes a new 180,000 square foot environmentally friendly complex to be completed by the second quarter of 2015 on a five acre parcel directly west of its existing Kirkland offices.

Google's existing work force numbers more than 1,000 employees at its Kirkland and Fremont offices. Roughly 650 work at the Kirkland office. The plans call for a near doubling of the Kirkland staff over the next several years.

"We've been on an aggressive hiring pace over the last few years," says Chee Chew, Google's onsite manager and Director of Engineering.

Chew oversees several teams of software engineers that work on many Google products including Hangouts, Google+, Google Maps and the Chrome browser. He says he feels confident that Google will find the highly sought after talent it needs to expand.

"Not only is it a great talent pool here but also from a community standpoint, people are interested in relocating here so I think the opportunity is really strong for us," says Chew.

Google first set up offices in 2004 and moved to its current Kirkland location in 2009 just a few miles away from its rival Microsoft.