Glasses help save teen shot in face during drive-by

SEATTLE - A pair of eyeglasses is credited with saving the life of a South Seattle teenage girl, even though the bullet lodged between her eyes.

The photograph is graphic: 16-year-old Alonza Bryant lying in a hospital bed with a bullet slug lodged in the bridge of her nose. In another photo, that part of the slug is protruding, yet she is awake, alert and speaking.

"I could have been dead. I'm glad that the glasses saved me," said the teenager. "I fell asleep with my glasses on, and the glasses saved where the bullet was."

The bullet that hit Alonza was among a volley of gunfire that pierced her family's South Seattle home Saturday night. Reports show it was a drive-by shooting.

"I don't know why somebody did this to me, to our family and shoot our house," she said. "We didn't do nothing."

She then showed her broken, plastic frames. The bullet that sped toward Alonza struck the bridge of her glasses right between her eyes. The frames apparently slowed the bullet enough so that it did not penetrate far enough into her head to be a fatal wound.

"Yes, glasses saved her life. Yes, I believe that," Alonza's mother, Lavett Bryant said. "It's amazing. It's God sent. If it weren't for God she wouldn't be here."

Besides Lavette, there were three other adults, and three younger children in the home when the shooting happened at about 9:45 p.m.. Nobody else was injured.

Seattle Police gang detectives believe the home was targeted. The Bryant family is perplexed. They say nobody who lives in their home is involved in gangs.

Lavette did acknowledge it's possible somebody who has visited may have some gang affiliation.

"People are saying mean things on Facebook about it was gang related, and we did it to ourselves, and stuff like that," she said. "That's not how it was. We are honest, upstanding citizens."

The Bryant's are so emotionally traumatized by what happened to Alonza and their home, they moved out this afternoon and are looking for another home to rent.

Police estimate as many as ten shots were fired at the home. Bullet holes are visible in walls from both the inside and outside, including one in the television and front window.

Officers don't have any suspects, and are working with little information. One person reported seeing a dark sedan drive by at the time of the shooting.

Alonza said she is grateful to be alive, and that it's remarkable she fell asleep with her glasses on. Usually she removes them.

Despite the family's gratitude, it's hard to feel happy.

"I'm kind of sad somebody would try to kill us," she said.

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