Generous donations keep open center for at-risk kids

SEATTLE -- With help from the the Problem Solvers, a Seattle youth center will be able to keep its doors open.

Since KOMO News reported on Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets' need for funding, generous donations have poured in to the 18-year-old organization.

The Capitol Hill center helps at-risk kids, including those who are mentally ill or are fighting drug addictions. But without more than $75,000 in grants and donations, PSKS was on the verge of closing its doors for good.

Regulars like Yolanda took part in a fundraiser that raised thousands of dollars.

"I was mainly worried because it's like, it's more than just a drop-in center. It's more than a place where you access services. It's a community," said center user Yolanda Kilgore.

But when the Problem Solvers stepped in to report on the PSKS dilemma, viewers immediately stepped up.

Donations came in from Des Moines, Renton, Bellevue and even as far as South Dakota. Hand-written letters with checks were among the more than $62,000 donors have sent in.

"In one week. That's almost ten-grand a day!" said Elaine Simons, founder and executive director of the group. "The main thing I want to say is thank you for believing in us."

At the group's board meeting Thursday night, board members will discuss what to do with the money and how to make it last, since PSKS isn't completely out of the woods just yet.