Garfield High charges up funding with electric car raffle

SEATTLE - Forget car washes and bake sales. Garfield High School parents have found a creative way to pump up dwindling dollars for education.

It's an all-electric Tesla that gets 300 miles per charge and has a value of $85,000 - all yours for a hundred bucks.

For Garfield High School parents, it's obvious the days of the bake sale are long gone. They're offering up a Tesla with all the bells and whistles to combat scarce funding and deep cuts to educational programs.

"Because of all the budget cuts Garfield High School had to close a couple of their support systems," says Eric Downs of the school's PTSA.

To fight back, parents are trying to raise $80,000 to fund a career counseling and academic support service for the next year. Parents say a college guidance counselor will help some kids who are under-achieving in school.

"The program itself is going to help students look at job opportunities - maybe other apprenticeships - where they can get started and get a job," says Downs.

Last year the school sustained the center for a year by auctioning off a Nissan Leaf. This year they upped the ante with the Tesla and more than 1,600 tickets up for grabs. The raffle winner can take the car or a $50,000 check.

But in the end parents say it's the kids who are the real champs - as they get an extra push down road toward success.

The raffle winner will be drawn at Showbox Sodo on March 1 at 9 p.m.