For every bad seed, 'hundreds of kind-hearted people'

SEATTLE -- A generous community has come to the aid of a disabled woman who was robbed just as she was able to rise out of homelessness.

Over the weekend, a thief stole Bernida Simmon's moving van. It contained all of her possessions, including the supplies she planned to use to start her own small business.

On Tuesday, with the help of KOMO's generous viewers, the Problem Solvers made sure Simmons will get the chance to follow her dreams.

Simmons was about to move out of a shelter and into her own apartment when she was robbed Sunday. The most valuable possessions she lost were the expensive yarn and crocheting supplies she planned to use to launch her own small clothing business.

"It was my beginning, my forwardness," she said. "And to have that ripped away, just taken, it's just devastating."

Simmons' story tugged at the heartstrings of Mary Harris, who owns the Fiber Gallery Yarn Store.

"It's a sad story, and I immediately thought, 'What can I do about it?"' she said.

Harris invited Simmons to come to her store and shop for the things she needs -- about $200 of top-quality supplies -- to make a new start.

Yarn shops are just the beginning of the tremendous response to the original Problem Solvers report.

Donations flooded in from KOMO News viewers who were touched by Simmons' story. The Problem Solvers were able to present her with a check for $1,500 on Monday.

Simmons' future is now back in her own talented hands, with what the budding entrepreneur needs to succeed.

"For every one creep that would do this, there are hundreds of kind-hearted people," she said.

And the generosity continues to spread. Many more viewers, most who knit and crochet, are launching yarn collections to gather even more supplies for Simmons. Others are offering to replace her stolen clothes and household items.