Fleeing driver goes airborne, crashes near I-5

LYNNWOOD, Wash. - A high-speed chase led to a dramatic crash in Lynnwood just after midnight on Friday.

22-year-old Raman "Roman" Strok was fleeing from a State Trooper and trying to pass a semi-truck when he lost control of his car near the Mukilteo Speedway exit on I-5.

Troopers say Strok hit a guard rail, which sent the car flying over two 30-foot dirt berms, through blackberry bushes and several barbed wire fences. The BMW finally came to rest on the InterUrban Trail, near the 164th Street exit.

The impact catapulted Strok through the windshield, resulting in life-threatening injuries.

Reports show alcohol was involved, and that Strok has prior arrests.

"These are one of the wrecks you only see probably once in your career; that you don't see very often. As far as just how far he traveled when he went airborne over the embankment," Trooper Mark Francis said.

Troopers also said the car flew so high they had trouble finding the crash site through the tree line.