Fleeing burglars rampage through Everett in flatbed truck

EVERETT, Wash. -- Everett police are on the hunt for a pair of burglars they say hit several cars, including a police cruiser, while fleeing a burglary early Thursday morning.

Carol Williams and her husband got a rude wake up call before dawn.

"I was awakened from sound sleep and my husband said, 'Do you suppose we still have a fence?'" Williams said.

And what they saw turned out to be even more shocking than what they heard.

"There's a truck with its lights shining in our window," she said.

The flatbed truck had just been in several crashes while police say its driver and another person were fleeing the scene of a burglary.

It all started around 4:20 a.m. at a tobacco store on Evergreen way in Everett. Inside the store is a banged-up cash machine, though police haven't yet said if that's what the thieves were after.

The store's burglary alarm was triggered and police were soon on the scene. The burglars sped off in their truck. They hit a car at a busy intersection, setting the car on fire. Lucky, the driver wasn't hurt.

Investigators say the driver then rammed a patrol car, shearing off its front bumper. A short time later, the truck crashed in a nearby neighborhood.

"At this point in time we believe that there were two suspects. The only description I currently have is one male, he is a white male, a little bit heavier set," said officers Aaron Snell with the Everett Police Department.

Police dogs canvassed the neighborhood, which startled residents in the quiet neighborhood.

"There were three police cars at the end of the road. It kind of looked like maybe they were escorting the school bus, so then I'm like eh, I'm going to take my son and his friend to school just to be safe," said Cindy White.

So far, the men have been able to evade police, but residents in the neighborhood are just thankful no one was hurt.