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Finding a MassageTherapist in Seattle Just Got Easier

Long hours in front of your laptop, e-reader, and smartphone have a way of causing chronic pain in your neck and shoulders. But thanks to Sprig Health, now you can use those gadgets to find a great massage therapist in the Seattle area.

At Sprig Health, you can choose a therapist, review what's covered for every appointment and see the price all in one convenient online location. It doesn't end there. You'll also be able to clearly see when each therapist has availability and immediately book your appointment at a time that works for you. Right now you can select a massage therapist from the following clinics:

  • Dynamic Alignment Bodywork

  • Jessica Dafni Thai Massage & Bodywork

  • John Bagley

  • North Creek Medicine

  • Therapeutic Associates

  • Tocco Energy Work

  • Uma Clinic

Now we're sure that you can find several reasons to get in for a massage.

Take a look at the hands-on guide to finding a massage therapist, compliments of Sprig Health.