Finally! There's a Google map of Seattle's public restrooms (with comments)

If you've lived in Seattle long enough (or at least spent enough time in the city), chances are you've probably got at least one or two go-to restrooms. Maybe it's a coffee shop where they're not so stingy with the key, maybe it's a shopping area with kind clerks who look the other way -- whatever the case, in a city with next to no public facilities, it's important to have a few spots chambered. Or, you could consult this really, really helpful Google map, which also features comments from users.

Simply called "Seattle Public Bathrooms," the map displays both restrooms and water fountains that are accessible to the general population, as well as user reviews and ratings.

"One or two stalls. Sketchy," reads one commenter's take on the bathrooms at Cal Anderson on Capitol Hill.

"One Stall with Door. Very clean," says another regarding the Japanese Garden in Madrona/Madison Park.

On the list are community centers, fast food restaurants, parks, a high school track, and various other locations. Users are also allowed to add their own.

Bookmark this map -- and by all means, if you've got a secret sweet spot, do share, won't you?