Feeling sinister? Seattle's super villain creates vodka with Fremont distillers

Want to toast like a super villain? Now you can.

Seattle's self-proclaimed super villain Rex Velvet has partnered with Fremont Mischief Distillery to create Sinister Spirit vodka. Made with soft winter wheat and colored with beets, the vodka gives off a menacing red glow.

Already a fan of the distillery's whiskey, Velvet contacted the spirit makers to create the concoction, said Ashley Farley, of Mischief Distillery.

"When he called I was so excited," she said. "He asked if we would make a special product for them. He wanted to make the red drink in the videos a reality."

Velvet worked closely with the distillers, actively participating in the entire process and creating the logos for the spirit. Farley said Velvet had pretty strict stipulations for his evil concoction.

"He wanted it red, natural, and didn't want any tampering with the flavor," she said. There's only one other product in the world that gives off a ghoulish red glow similar to Sinister Vodka, she added.
"It's Vampire Vodka, but it uses artificial coloring," she said.

Want to sample Red Velvet's evil elixir? Fremont Mischief Distillery is offering free tastings. Sinister Spirit is only available at the distillery.