Father on teen killer's sentence: 'I hope he suffers the rest of his life'

TACOMA, Wash. -- It should be the final chapter in the tragic murder of a 16 year old, developmentally delayed girl as her murderer is sent to prison for the rest of his life. But while the family still grieves, the defense is already planning its appeal.

Friday's sentencing was the formal part of a foregone conclusion -- the only possible sentence for Tyler Savage was a mandatory life sentence with no parole. While the sentencing was about Savage, Kimmie's father Cecil Daily wanted to keep the focus on his daughter.

"Kimmie had an unconditional love for all people," he said.

It was the last time Daily would have to face his daughter's murderer in court. He focused on the smiling, bright-eyed 16-year-old who loved her Special Olympics sports, loved dogs, and was friends with everyone.

"Kimmie would go out of her way just to say hi," Cecil Daily said.

Savage was convicted last month of aggravated first degree murder, although those words can't adequately describe the brutal crime. In August of 2010, Savage lured the 16-year-old developmentally delayed teen to a vacant lot near her home, then raped and strangled her with her own clothing. He went home to play video games. Kimmie's body wasn't found for five days.

Her younger sister broke down in tears as she addressed the court, "I want you to know, Tyler, that you took Kimmie, my best friend and my sister away from me."

At trial, Savage told the jury that Kimmie's death was an accident resulting from a sex game. The jury didn't buy it. But at sentencing, Savage had nothing to say to the judge before his mandatory life without parole sentence.

The defense says it is already planning its appeal and one of the main issues - that Savage was just barely 18 when he committed the murder. They even made a motion to have the mandatory life sentence thrown out because of his young age.

Pierce County Judge Linda Lee ruled against that saying, "we don't have a juvenile here - we have an adult."

Daily said he's glad the trial is over though there will never be closure.

"It was a hard thing to go through and I hope he suffers the rest of his life." Now Kimmie's family has to figure out how to live their lives without her smiling presence.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist says even though he charged Savage with Aggravated First Degree Murder, he declined to go for the death penalty in this case because of Savage's age and lack of criminal history.