Fans crowd Aurora motel to catch a glimpse of Macklemore

Even when information about Macklemore's on-location video shoots don't get leaked, fans of the local rapper still manage to show up on the scene.

Last week, thousands of fans turned out to watch Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis film a scene from the forthcoming music video for "White Walls," the third single from the duo's 2012 Gold album, "The Heist." But yesterday, even without the help of Reddit or other internet channels, a crowd formed at 94th and Aurora as the two filmed another scene for the video.

To catch a glimpse (or a photo) of the rapper, fans ran across the busy street, while passing motorists slowed and, at times, completely stopped to see what the fuss was about.

The scene was being shot at the Klose-In Motel on Aurora. After production wrapped, Macklemore rolled down his car window to speak briefly with fans, who thanked him for representing the often-maligned stretch of road.

"White Walls" also features local producer, poet and singer Hollis Wong-Wear and rapper Schoolboy Q. There is no firm release date for the music video yet.