Family's apartment remains empty after moving van goes AWOL

PACIFIC, Wash. -- All the belongings from three generations of one family have disappeared. They're supposed to be on a moving van heading north from California, but the truck is AWOL.

Linda Batchelor recently arrived in Pacific with her daughter and two granddaughters. The problem is, their apartment is nearly empty because the moving company they hired hasn't delivered their things.

"Our kitchen is two pots and pans we bought cheaply," Batchelor said. "We're sleeping on blow-up mattresses."

The family arrived in town last week with the expectation that their belongings would be there. But that didn't happen, and now Batchelor has no idea where the moving van is.

"We haven't seen them or heard from them," she said.

The moving company, Ally Relocation s of Chatsworth, California, packed up the family's things July 22 and was supposed to be in Pacific by last Friday.

"Since that time they have changed it to the next day, to the next day, to the next day," Batchelor said.

The company stopped returning Batchelor's calls, so she turned to the KOMO Problem Solvers for help.

Reached by KOMO, a company official said the truck carrying the family's belongs broke down in Reading, California, but insisted the truck was fixed and would be in Pacific by Thursday.

Several minutes later, someone from the company called Batchelor and offered to erase $400, then $500 from her bill if she stopped contacting the media.

"I'm not going to be blackmailed, and that's what I feel like he's doing," she said of the offer. "He's scared because you guys are here, and he's changing his tune. He's dancing."

The family has the bare necessities to get by, and even bought a full bed.

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