Fabulous 60's Show

I love a great, oldies rock and roll shows and that's exactly what came blasting at us at the "Fabulous 60's" performance last month at Little Creek Casino.

The trio of rock royalty playing for us that night included Gary Puckett, The Grass Roots and Chuck Negron.

They played their songs true to the originals, which all of them tell me is very important because that's what the fans want. Puckett, though, did say that he's no longer 26 years old and sometimes strays just a bit.

Puckett opened the show with a video of his 60's TV clips, adding an exciting element of anticipation to the upcoming live show. Then the lights came up with a segue right into an awesome live set backed by his Union Gap Band. He did all the hits and the crowd came to its feet with standing ovations several times.

Next it was the Grass Roots. Now here's a legendary group. From "Sooner Or Later" to "Midnight Confession" these guys ROCK. Their acapella Vietnam vets tribute is stirring, going from that right into one of the anthems of the era, "Let's Live For Today." Lead singer Mark Dawson tells me he can see the recognition in the faces in the audience. And, in this show, they not only jumped to their feet, they also danced in the isles. Just like an old time rock and roll show, security had to pull dancing girls(and some men) away from the front of the stage. Wow.

Last, but not least, was Chuck Negron. He's the guy that sang the lead on most of "3 Dog Night's" hits. He also, like the others, took us on a time machine ride by sounding every bit as crisp and soulful as the original on "Joy To The World", "One Is The Loneliest Number" and the rest of those 3 Dog standards. His back up band had twin keyboards, extra percussion and the chops to bring back the original feeling of one of rock's finest groups.

Click and listen to my radio story featuring the rock stars of "The Fabulous 60's."