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Extremely Rare Coins from a Long Forgotten U.S. Mint

Did you know there used to be a mint in Dahlonega, Georgia? Many people don't. The short-lived mint only issued three types of gold coins, making them exceptionally rare. In fact, gold coins produced at Dahlonega are some of the most sought-after collectable coins in the U.S.

Like many of the original U.S. mints, the mint in Dahlonega was created to take advantage of a gold rush. The Georgia Gold Rush of 1828 left the area rich with yellow gold, but the Dahlonega mint didn't release its first coin until April 21st, 1838. Other mint branches opened up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and New Orleans, Louisiana, that same year.

The Dahlonega mint produced 80 $5 golden Half Eagles its first year. Even by pre-Civil War standards, 80 coins a year was a small mintage. The next year they began striking $2 1/2 Quarter Eagles. The first golden dollar was produced at Dahlonega in 1849. These were the only three types of coins ever minted at Dahlonega and the mint produced very few of each coin. Combined with the fact that they were all yellow gold coins, you can see why these coins are exceptionally rare and valuable.

Dahlonega continued to produce coins until the start of the Civil War in 1861 when Confederate soldiers overtook the mint. Though it's unknown exactly how many coins Confederates issued, this fascinating aspect certainly adds to the allure of these special coins. The last year any coins were issued from Dahlonega was 1861. After the end of the Civil War, it was decided not to reopen Dahlonega as a mint location.

In its entire history from 1838 to 1861, the Dahlonega mint issued fewer than 3,000 total coins, which is why these are some of the rarest coins in U.S. history. On February 27th, 2014, an "AU-50" 1861-D Half Eagle was sold at an auction for a total of $38,187.50.

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