'Every day you see him it actually makes your day better'

REDMOND, Wash. - Herb Bartlett delivered the mail today, just like he does everyday.

"When he makes his way pushing his cart around the company, he interacts with people all day long," Physio Control CEO Brian Webster said.

For 30 years, and with his signature style, Bartlett has been a fixture at Physio Control, makers of emergency medical equipment in Redmond.

Bartlett is a pioneer, having taken part in the first program in the country to bring people with disabilities into the work place. He's been inspiring coworkers ever since, and for that his workers thanked him for 30 years of keeping them grounded.

"He brings a smile and a great attitude. He is a special guy, the most positive guy I know," Webster added.

Bartlett delivers much more than the mail, every day he tucks the forecast into his pocket and delivers sunshine even if Steve Pool calls for rain.

"I want everyone to be happy," Bartlett said.

He'll do almost anything to make you smile, he sings, and his impersonations are giggle gold.

"Every day you see him it actually makes your day better," Julie Lester said.