Everett woman wounded by gunfire from outside her home

EVERETT, Wash. -- An Everett woman is recovering in the hospital after being wounded by gunfire that erupted outside her home early Saturday morning.

The 56-year-old woman called 911 just after 3 a.m. to report she had been shot. When officers and medics arrived at her home in the 220 block of Fulton Avenue, they found she was suffering from three gun shot wounds.

She told police she was laying on her couch when she heard what she thought was fireworks outside. When she got up to investigate, she discovered she had been shot three times in the chest.

Medics gave her initial treatment at the scene then took her to a local hospital where she is in stable condition.

Police say the woman was not the target.

"We don't know specifically who the target was but we don't believe this person was a target of anyone," said Lt. Robert Goetz with Everett police.

Police interviewed several people around the scene but no arrests have been made. Investigators did discover several bullet holes in the building, but they have not yet determined how many shots were fired.

Detectives ask if you have any information on the shooting to please call 911 or the Everett Police Department at (425) 257-8450.