Everett girl working to replace what vandals destroyed

EVERETT, Wash. -- An 11-year-old Everett girl has taken it upon herself to raise money to replace what {A href=""}vandals destroyed.

Ashley Barquest doesn't want little kids to miss out on the memories of a simple piece of playground equipment, so she's doing everything she can to bring it back.

Barquest likes playing at Garfield Park in Everett, which is located just two blocks from her house and her school.

That changed two Sundays ago when vandals set fire to the equipment, destroying two slides and a rope swing.

With her family's help, Barquest made 80 donation jars and has worked to get them in local businesses and her school. She also set up a non profit and a bank account for the money.

"My goal is to get $10,000," she said.

Barquest said she's working so hard to replace the equipment because she feels bad that other children won't have the same opportunity to create memories at the park that she had.

"I think she's exceptional. I'm super proud of her. We all are," said Ashley's mother, Misty Barquest.

Misty said her daughter's effort to "pay if forward" has produced unexpected rewards.

"She's gotten extremely organized, learning how to start up her own business and all the hoops you have to do to get the job done," she said.

Barquest calls her project Pennies for Garfield Park. She's already handed out 25 jars, but she still needs homes for 55 more.

The Everett City Council could fund a replacement slide during its Wednesday meeting. The equipmen could be put in the park by July 4, and whatever money Barquest raises would help offset the cost.