Everett allowing claims for water damage from recent storms

EVERETT, Wash. -- Sewage and storm-water spills have left a mess in Everett, but after weeks of families asking "who's gonna pay?", they now have their answer.

City sewer and stormwater backed up in the city during storms on Aug. 29 and Sept. 3, inundating some homes and apartments. One of those apartments belonged to Maritza Garcia.

"I opened the door and suddenly a gush of water came in the apartment," she said.

Now Garcia says she and her family, including her newborn, are dealing with mold and that is a huge concern.

"Because it's bad for the baby," she said. "The baby came in here and started sneezing."

Many of her neighbors at that apartment complex have moved out as the damage is left behind.

"The water level was anywhere from 5-10 inches," she said.

Wednesday night, residents told the Everett city council how tough it's been. Already told no by their insurer, they've turned to the city for financial help.

"We've been denied by our insurance claim because they say it was due to the surface water," said Scott Pool.

So the council agreed on a resolution to settle with qualified homeowners to help them get back on track and will give the city a clearer direction of how to move forward.

"It's a challenge for everybody trying to figure out how to move forward with their lives," said Dave Davis with Everett Public Works. "What to repair? What not to repair? Is it going to happen again -- and what to do?"

Homeowners who experienced any sort of sewer backup during those storms is encouraged to file a claim as soon as they can. You can do it by either calling the City of Everett or file on their website.