Ethics report urges full investigation of Tenino mayor

TENINO, Wash. -- What happened inside the city-owned SUV outside a fitness club in September depends on who you ask.

A half dozen witnesses thought it was pretty clear.

"They were just going at it right in the front seat," said Nathaniel Howdeshell. "They were just like on top of each other. The seat is reclining back. Ugh, it was gross, really."

The incident prompted Kasey Louis to call 911

"It was oral sex. She was very passionate. It was appalling," Louis said.

When officers came looking for the Chevy Envoy, they found Tenino Mayor Eric Strawn inside with a woman.

No criminal charges were filed in the matter, but an ethics task force just completed its own report.

"As a committee, what we've said is whatever it was that was going on in there, it was clearly inappropriate," said John Millard, who was a member of the citizen's ethics review task force.

On Sunday, Strawn said the report was "just the beginning of their witch hunt."

Strawn insists the witness misinterpreted what was happening in the vehicle.

"I was just kissing with a woman," he said. Strawn also questioned the motives of the members of the task force.

What started out as just a review board, and then they became an ethics committee, and then they became a task force. Next week are they going to be a SWAT team?" he said.

The task force found several potential ethics violations and recommended the city council launch a complete investigation into how the SUV was used.

"I think plainly there was a sex act," Millard said.

The report also urges the city council to adopt clear policies on conduct and vehicle usage by city officials, as none currently exist. The task force's findings will be presented to the full council on Tuesday for review.

The mayor said he hasn't broken any laws but still can't clear his name.

"I don't know what else I can do," he said. "Keep on living my life and working for my city."