Escaped wolf pet back in Thurston County home

OLYMPIA, Wash. - There were tense moments as a wolf-hybrid got loose from its pen in Olympia Friday morning. This after it had attacked another dog.

The animal was cornered and placed back in its compound.

"When we first got here we were very concerned," said Capt. Greg Elwin of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office. "The dog was very aggressive, very agitated, very upset."

The wolf-hybrid is named Lakota. Its owner Rich Miracle helped trap him in the next door neighbor's backyard but then it proceeded to try to chew its way out of the crate.

"We were prepared to shoot the dog if we had to," said Elwin, "It was very aggressive toward the neighbors and any passersby."

But a state wildlife officer shot the animal with a tranquilizer gun and he was safely returned to his enclosure.

Miracle says it was all a misunderstanding.

"The misunderstanding is that the dog just got out," he said.

Miracle agreed to take KOMO-TV on a tour of his compound and show us his German shepherd who got into a fight with the wolf hybrid. "He did attack the other dog," said Miracle. "But the other dog showed him who's boss, quickly."

Miracle showed us the open area over the enclosure where the hybrid wolf got out and the measures being taken to close it up. They're building a metal truss system over the enclosure with everything bolted down.

But it may be too late for Lakota, who is 98% wolf and 2% domestic. Cap. Elwin said he's legal to own, "But, it's not OK to let that dog be a dangerous maraudic animal."

Miracle understands he stands the chance of his wolf-hybrid being seized by the county. "Yep, that's a price I have to pay," said Miracle.

That would leave Miracle with three females. Miracle said he'd like to breed them down to an animal that is "beautiful, has those same looks, those same markings, without temperament."

No decision from the authorities yet on what, if any, action is going to be taken. Miracle said the wolf hybrid got loose because he panicked when the female he was with was taken out of the enclosure. Deputies say it's just good no one got hurt.