Embarrassed by your online past? This company will rescue you

You may not remember your old AOL, Friendster or MySpace page, but with a little bit of work, anyone can still find your pictures.

And while resume websites like LinkedIn certainly help you put your best professional foot forward, with so much information online these days, new services are popping up that can help you craft what else people can find out about you - or don't -- online.

That's the purpose of Reputation Changer, a company that says it can hide your digital past. The company's president, Michael Zammuto, gave the KATU Problem Solvers an example of how the service works.

"I recently had someone I was talking to who had permitted, many years ago, pictures of herself to be taken that she regrets now," he said. "So we helped her and gave her some advice to help reposition what she looks like when people search her because she's now entering the workforce and trying to build a career."

Zammuto's service and other similar companies do not delete those pictures or erase the unsavory online posts from your past. Instead, they suppress them.

Zammuto said the company's technology buries the negative information a search engine, such as Google, may turn up. The posts will instead show up many pages down in the search results -- deeper than many employers are willing to look.

However, Zammuto said his service can't hide a criminal background. It just buries the embarrassing things online that keep you from making a good first impression.

Zammuto said a few thousand people have signed up to use his service as well as some governments and large companies.