Elderly Everett man dies 6 weeks after vicious attack

EVERETT, Wash. -- A convicted felon accused of beating and robbing a 91-year-old Everett man is behind bars, but police believe there may be more victims out there.

Even at 91-years old, Harold Caywood's family said he was still living his life. He was active and enjoyed a number of hobbies. But on August 24, police say Caywood was viciously attacked outside a local AM/PM gas station.

'He knocked my dad down and he punched him in the face," said Caywood's daughter, Susan Fenner. "I understand he got kicked, and then the guy took off and ran to the Burger King."

Investigators believe 26-year-old Patrick Hartness is the attacker. They say Hartness tried to hide inside the Burger King bathroom, but manager Tim Goldsworthy found him and held him until police arrived.

In an odd twist, Goldsworthy actually knew Caywood.

"He's just a really pleasant gentleman, never had a cruel word for anybody," Goldsworthy said.

As for Hartness, police believe he's responsible for multiple burglaries throughout Snohomish County.

"We believe what he's been doing is targeting elderly victims and actually going into their residences and taking checks and money and those types of things and then going out and spending that," said Aaron Snell of the Everett Police Department.

Hartness was arrested, but the story doesn't have a happy ending.

Caywood's family said his health continued to deteriorate after the attack.

"He was a very active man, and after that assault he was never the same and he just declined, declined, declined," Fenner said.

After struggling for more than a month, Caywood passed away on Thursday.

His family hopes more victims will come forward and the man responsible is punished.

"I hope he pays for his crimes and I hope they lock him up for a very long time so he can never ever do this to anyone again," Fenner said.

Hartness is charged with first degree robbery, and prosecutors say he could face additional charges.

Anyone with information about any additional crimes is asked to call the Everett Police Department.