Edmonds robbery suspect wounded in Oregon police shooting

SEATTLE -- The man suspected of committing a Tuesday afternoon home-invasion robbery in Edmonds is in an Oregon hospital after being wounded in a Friday morning shootout with sheriff's deputies.

Detectives from the Edmonds Police Department believe 48-year-old Michael Kent Wylie robbed an Edmonds woman inside her house on Tuesday afternoon.

The robber got away, but was later tracked down by Port of Seattle Police. He refused to pull over and the officers gave chase, according to police.

Somehow, Wylie was able to get away from police and eventually made it to Oregon, according to police.

On Friday morning, someone in Salem, Oregon, reported seeing a silver Acura parked along the road with a man slumped over the wheel.

When deputies got there, they found Wylie sleeping in the car and they tried to wake him up to check on his well being. And that's when the situation turned dangerous.

"Two of our deputies arrived to check on the condition of the man in the car and within a moment there was a confrontation," said Don Thomson with the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

During the confrontation, a deputy shot Wylie in the leg. The injury was not life threatening but he was transported to a hospital for treatment. The deputies involved in the incident were not injured.

Investigators later discovered Wylie's fugitive status and determined that the car he was found in was stolen.

It is unknown at this point whether Wylie had any weapons on him when deputies showed up.

Police say charges in the home-invastion robbery case are expected to be filed soon.

It's unclear when Wylie will be transported back to Washington of if he will face any charges in regards to the confrontation with Oregon deputies.