Drivers confused, annoyed by Capitol Hill parking signs

SEATTLE -- Construction and road changes are causing headaches for drivers in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Drivers in the area say it all comes down to parking. Knowing when and where they can park could keep them from getting pricey tickets.

"I actually parked about eight blocks away from here and walked up here because I expected it," said Colin Proctor.

What Proctor expected, and wisely averted, is what many are calling confusing parking signs on Capitol Hill.

"I'm a cyclist and I also drive, and I think they need to be a little clearer about bike paths," Proctor said.

New separated bike lanes may be on the left shoulder of the street, but they're the center of much confusion for drivers.

Some of the confusion has to do with where drivers can park. Green zones are off limits, but other areas are okay for parking. Many drivers say better signage would help.

The new track is part of the First Hill Streetcar construction project. A one-mile cycle track running down Broadway should be complete by spring.

"The parking issues are monumentally frustrating," said Mike Mates. "As a motorist, it's very difficult to find parking."

Officials from the Seattle Department of Transportation say they're in the process of striping roads and putting up additional signage. They also point out that there's always an adjustment period when a project like this is underway.

Commuters who are dealing with those growing pains say they support safe bike paths, but they're holding out hope for extra parking spots, too.

"I'd love to see them buy up some real estate and build really efficient parking structures, places that go subterranean and above ground and give us a better options," Mates said.