Dog stolen from Marysville family who lost home to fire

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- If the walls at the home on 52nd Ave. NE could talk, what a story they might tell: of love and loss, of fire and rebuilding, of a family who has been through it all.

"It was really tough," said Jacob Boober, now 16 years old. "The biggest thing I was worried about that day was how my mom was reacting."

Boober was not quite a teenager in 2010 when his family's house caught fire. The home was destroyed and the family lost nearly everything, but Jacob, his mother, and their dog all survived.

"In a way, it's kind of tough, because you know that you're never going to get that house back," Jacob said. "I mean, I grew up in that house."

The family eventually rebuilt the house and moved back in. They got a second dog to accompany Lily, their beloved West Highland Terrier, and Jacob went back to school, where he is now a sophomore.

All of that changed Tuesday night when someone apparently took Lily - snatching her from the family's front yard and driving away with her in the backseat, according to police.

"It is suspicious," said police Commander Robb Lamoureux, of Lily's disappearance.

Jacob's mom, Cheryl, told police she heard Lily barking outside the family's house on Tuesday night. Suddenly, the barking stopped - and Cheryl called Jacob to the porch to investigate. The family heard a young child call out to the dog and a silver four-door car drive away. After that, the dog was nowhere to be found.

"(My mom) yelled for me to come outside and she said, 'something's going on outside.' She thought she heard someone say, 'here, doggie!' The next thing I knew, they were driving down the road and (Lily) was gone," Jacob said. "I knew my dog was in that car so immediately I was thinking of where I could look and where to go."

The family filed a police report and Jacob put up flyers in their neighborhood, advertising a reward. He has also posted listings on Craigslist and on missing dog forums on Facebook - hoping that Lily will turn up.

For a family who nearly lost it all four years ago, the pain of losing something again is unbearable.

"I think it's a pretty disgusting thing to steal someone's dog," Jacob said. "She is part of the family."