Dog owner investigated for animal cruelty after fight video goes viral

EDMONDS, Wash. -- Edmonds police are investigating a backyard dog fight so vicious that the owner is now under investigation for animal cruelty.

The attack was caught on camera and it led officers to a house full of dogs.

Neighbor Keith Eckert took the video with his cell phone. He said he'd heard the fighting and noises for years and had enough.

"Get a video, get pictures, get as much as you can," he said.

Eckert climbed the fence in his backyard. It connects to the Adams home.

"Seeing those dogs limp, seeing the dogs in pain, seeing just all that. It was just heartbreaking," Eckert said.

Neighbors who were so fed up with the dogfights lined the street to watch the dogs being removed from the house and the owner, Rose Adams being arrested.

The video, which was captured by a neighbor and has gone viral online, shows a helpless pit bull being attacked. Neighbors cried when they realized the dog Sadie survived. The dog was riddled with bite marks when it was removed from Adams' home Tuesday.

"This isn't just animal hoarding -- hoarders usually love their animals. This is pyscho," said Logan Brolaith, Adams' son. "Those fights on the video are all par for the course. I can vouch for that having lived with her."

Brolaith says it got so bad he moved out in February. He says he and Adams' neighbors have repeatedly reported her, but this time, they got video evidence -- including a video that shows a man kicking a dog and Rose Adams dragging a dog by its hind legs.

"There is a possibility of criminal charges in this matter," said Edmonds Police Sgt. Mark Marsh.

Adams had 14 dogs in her house -- but by law she can only have five. We watched as Animal Control officers rescued one dog after another. Two of them need medical treatment, the rest appear to be in good shape.

Neighbors insist it's been three years of torment; three years of fearing for the well being of the dogs, and three years of living in fear.

"With the pit bull jumping over the fence, I've feared for my life and my children's life," said neighbor Sarah O'Connor.

Neighbors blew kisses and well wishes to every dog removed from the home. They say they're relieved to know the dogs and the neighborhood are now free.