Does Seattle love ebooks... or do Amazon employees love their jobs?

People in Seattle have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. Because, while the mega-retailer provides jobs and cheap books, it also doesn't support the arts as much as other companies (thanks, Microsoft!), and threatens smaller bookstores by offering lower prices.

But for all anti-Amazon, pro-actual-books-made-of-paper sentiment expressed in comments sections and on literary blogs, the company's clearly doing something right because their latest release, though initially met with skepticism, has apparently been a huge success... or so it would seem. If you look at this one figure from Geekwire, 1 in 124 Seattleites have already purchased an Amazon Fire.

In December alone, the company's first venture into tablet territory sold four million units, which is a lot of units for something that many tech analysts were initially skeptical about, in a market that had already been so saturated by iPads. And when looked at analytically, that number is probably the more impressive one -- considering 1 in 124 is only about 4,500 Fires sold in Seattle proper.

And did I mention that Amazon employs about 4,000 people in the city?

Of course, actual consumers ostensibly purchased these products, not just folks who work at Amazon. But still, there hasn't been any data yet about how many people bought these tablets that weren't on the payroll for the South Lake Union company. And within an organization that's pretty well known for being stingy with its goods when it comes to employees, there's a good chance that it's Amazonians themselves who are bolstering the tablet's sales locally.