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Doctor-Developed Skincare for a Good Cause

We've all heard the promises skin care products make. From wrinkle reducers to line erasers, there are hundreds of products designed to tap into the fountain of youth. However, many of these products are expensive, and how do you know which claims are true and which are designed to empty your wallet, without any real results? Luckily, there is one product line that will not only make you feel good about your skin; you'll also feel good about how your money is being spent.

When looking at skincare, there are four elements used to improve your skin. You can cleanse, reduce pigmentation, moisturize and block the sun. Most products excel in one, sometimes two of these improvements. Dr. Justin Piasecki, a double-board certified skin cancer specialist and plastic surgeon, decided he wanted to improve upon the current offerings and began creating his own skincare line. He was looking to make science-based products that tackled multiple elements of skincare, but were still affordable. Dr. Piasecki was deep in the development process when life threw him a curveball.

While playing with his kids in the family barn, Dr. Piasecki fell 15 feet and landed on concrete, on his head. It was during his recovery process that Dr. Piasecki and his family decided they wanted to do more than make a profit from his new skincare line, they wanted to give back to the community that had been so supportive of them during this hard time.

They started a grassroots movement to provide skincare to protect against skin cancer and aging, while profiting organizations that provide academic, athletic and artistic opportunities to children. They also offer their skincare line as a fundraiser for organizations. The products are sold by the organizations, which get to keep 35 percent of gross sales if sold as a fundraiser, and 25 percent if purchased through the website. This way of doing business helps the organizations make money, while helping the customer save money by keeping distribution and advertising costs at a minimum.

Dr. Piasecki offers three different products, including a daily moisturizer, night moisturizer and facial cleanser. For more information on these, or to find out how your organization could profit from partnering with Piasecki MD, visit