DNA on smoothie straw leads to robbery charge

LACEY, Wash. (AP) - A smoothie beverage that proved irresistible has led to a first-degree robbery charge against a man accused of stealing $4,000 from a Lacey, Wash., plumber in 2011.

Lacey police say the robber left his DNA on the victim's smoothie straw and it was recently matched to a profile in a national DNA database of felons.

Thurston County prosecutors recently charged 30-year-old Roger Taylor with the robbery count. The Olympian reports that Taylor was served with the arrest warrant in the Clark County Jail, where he was in custody due to state Department of Corrections violations.

Court papers say Taylor is accused of accosting the plumber at gunpoint in a Tacoma parking lot in August 2011, then forcing the man to drive to his Lacey credit union and withdraw the money. The documents say the victim had just bought a smoothie in Tacoma.