Development, parking woes have Crown Hill residents on edge

SEATTLE -- Some residents in Seattle's Crown Hill neighborhood say their street is under attack from new development.

They say the already scarce parking is vanishing, and they're worried it will only get worse.

Mary Avenue in northwest Crown Hill is not just any old street for many Crown Hill residents. The people who live on the street think of it as home, and they're very protective of it.

"Parking is a huge concern. We went from having very little parking to having no parking, almost nightly," said resident David Moody.

Moody blames the parking problem on nearby businesses and the commuters who park their during the day. He also said a new 56-unit apartment complext called the Noba isn't helping the situation.

Noba charges $100 a month for parking, but some tenants say they'd rather take their chances with street parking.

"I talked to the managers there and said I didn't expect to pay (for parking) and they told me that it shouldn't be a problem, that there's plenty of residential parking around," said one Noba resident who did not want to be identified.

Adding to the concerns, residents on Mary Avenue expect the issues to get worse if plans move forward on a mixed used project right next to Noba. It's designed for 24 units, but would only add 13 parking spaces.

At a Monday night design review meeting, the project manager said parking isn't even required at the site because it's located in an urban village and adjacent to the bus lines. But nearby residents say that's not good enough.

"These developers come and they build a property and they take their profits and they leave, and we the neighborhood are left for the impact of that for decades to come," Moody said.

Residents say they tried working with the city to get residential zone permits, but a city official told them the street is not eligible for the program.