Des Moines apartment building destroyed in raging fire

DES MOINES, Wash. - An 18-unit apartment building was completely destroyed in a spectacular fire early Monday morning, but amazingly no one was seriously hurt in the raging inferno.

Crews are still mopping at the scene of the fire, which broke out at about 3:30 a.m. Monday in the Sea Fox Apartments, 2616 S. 224th St.

Huge, towering flames raced across the roof of the apartment building at the height of the blaze.

Officials say the fire started in one unit and quickly spread through the attic of the older structure - so it went up quickly.

Most people in the building rescued themselves. Residents say fire alarms were installed just two months ago - which played a key role in alerting everyone to get out in time.

Assistant Chief Gordie Olson of South King County Fire and Rescue says two men were trapped by flames on third-floor balconies and had to jump. Both are OK. One was treated for a foot injury.

Fire crews say it was tough to get water on some units because of trees. They had to cut some of that away to get to some units.

The Red Cross will be helping the families.

Although all residents are safe, they will have to rebuild part of their lives that went up in flames.