Deputy's daughter causes crash driving wrong way on I-5

SHORELINE, Wash.- A King County Sheriff's deputy recounted the frightening call he received just after midnight Saturday.

"You find out information no parent wants to hear," says Deputy Timm Brewer. "Their kid might be involved in an accident...might be impaired driving."

Brewer's 22-year-old daughter is accused of driving her pickup truck southbound in the northbound lanes of I-5 near 145th Street, colliding with an on-coming SUV.

"First you're going, okay, is my kid okay? Did she hit anybody else? Are they okay?"

The veteran law enforcement officer agreed to talk about what his family is going through, in part, because he has spent his career trying to prevent drunk driving accidents, and raising awareness about its dangers.

"From a personal side you want to stand by your son, daughter, whoever," Brewer says. "Me, from a professional side, I don't condone impaired driving, I've done quite a bit of impaired driving enforcement."

His daughter and a female passenger were not injured. The impact caused the other vehicle to land onto its roof. One of the three men riding in that vehicle was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries.

Brewer is still trying to learn all the facts surrounding the accident and events leading up to the collision.

"As far as personal accountability and responsibility goes, I don't believe law enforcement officers or their family members are above the law."

His daughter is Vallen Brewer, a talented softball player for Shoreline Community College who this spring was named player of the week. She has a good job, works hard, and has never been in trouble with the law.

Brewer is hurting badly right now, knowing what his daughter is going through and the potential consequences of what she is accused of doing.

"Unfortunately we can't hold their hands all the way through life. They make choices, they make decisions that, you know, they have to live with. And learn from."