Deputies: Twice Tasered train passenger may have been on PCP

SEATTLE -- Once the argument started, Heather Spiro started up using her camera.

An unruly passenger forced transit officers to use their stun guns multiple times Monday night near the Mount Baker Link light rail station. Spiro filmed the whole encounter.

"What am I doing? Am I crazy?" Spiro asked herself.

Her phone video shows a man in a white shirt arguing with officers and thrashing about.

"They kept saying, 'sir, you're going to have to get off. Sir, you're going to have to get off.' He wouldn't get off," Spiro said.

The video shows the officers using the stun guns at least twice. Sargent Cindi West with the King County Sheriff's Department said the man was so strong, he pulled the stun sticks out of his body.

"The first deputy that was in the fight with him described him as, 'Superhuman,'" West said.

Officers eventually arrested the man and he was arrested for suspicion of having drugs. Police say they found ten vials of suspicious liquid in his pockets.

"It's possible he was under the influence of PCP. We found some suspected PCP on him," West said.

Spiro says she doesn't think the actions of the officers was too excessive. She believes the man was just too powerful.

"He was clearly confused. I actually felt really sorry for him," she said.

Watch raw video of the incident: