Deputies: Man siphoned, resold thousands of dollars of gasoline

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- It was a convenience store unable to be convenient.

In March, Gull Harbor Mercantile in Olympia had no gas to give. Two thousand dollars worth of gas had been siphoned off.

Deputies: Man siphoned, resold thousands of dollars in gasoline

But Tuesday, the Thurston County Sheriff's Department arrested Shanon Meadors after they say he confessed to siphoning hundreds and possibly thousands of gallons of gas from at least two stations in the county, including Gull Harbor.

In surveillance footage from one of the stations, police say Meadors tried to cover up a camera, but the gunk fell off, revealing his mini van.

Police eventually found Meadors and through his buyers. When they tracked him down, officers say he had 55 gallon drums of stolen gas.

"Obviously, most people don't buy their fuel from a guy in a van with 55 gallon drums," said Sargent Ray Brady with the Sheriff's department.

Lindsay Esterly with Gull Harbor said they lost the gas, but they also lost $3,000 in lost purchases inside the store.

"We ran out of gas. We're out of gas. You lose money when people don't stop at the pumps. They don't come in and buy more stuff," she said.

Police said Meadors will likely be charged with at least one county of second degree theft. He had an outstanding warrant for a drug offense.