Demi Lovato wants a Barbie doll with her 'actual body type'

"X Factor" judge and pop star Demi Lovato has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder, and has worked advocate for greater body positivity in her own industry. The 20-year-old has criticized advertisers and other companies that she sees as having a negative impact on the self-esteem of young women. So it's no surprise that she's taken aim at one of the longest-standing icons of potentially problematic messaging: Barbie. This week, Lovato has been telling her Twitter followers to tweet at the official Barbie twitter account and ask that Mattel create a more realistic doll.

Lovato tweeted that one of her "biggest dreams, having collected Barbies since I was a kid, is to have my own Barbie BUT with my actual body type.. Weight & height." She then went on to say that "Barbie should make dolls with cellulite!!! Hahaha!!! After all, around 95% of ALL women have it!!!"

Her nearly 15,000,000 followers immediately responded to the call, tweeting to @BarbieStyle, asking that the company consider making a Barbie with imperfections.

"A Barbie that is proportional to @ddlovato would be an amazing thing for every girl who has ever had an eating disorder," one Twitter user explained.

While Mattel has made changes to Barbie's body in the past -- in 1997, the company flattened the doll's feet, reduced the size of her bust and widened her waist -- they have yet to respond to decades of pleas for a Barbie with a more realistic shape.