Crook leaves wedding party stranded in foreign country

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Katrina Tesoriero planned her wedding day for months.

"A lot of prayer, and classes and study and preparation for it. My family came all the way from Australia," she said.

After a perfect ceremony in the groom's hometown of Sumner on Saturday, the family celebrated at a Puyallup restaurant.

"Everything went so well, so smoothly, and then, all of a sudden, this came out of nowhere," said Katrina's brother, Nick Tesoriero. "Our van just got broken into."

A thief smashed in the window and stole more than just their luggage. The crook also made off with passports and credit cards.

Katrina had to cancel her wedding night plans and instead made calls to cancel her stolen credit cards.

Her pregnant sister, Sophie Grendenning, had her passport, plane tickets and medications stolen. She's now in limbo in a foreign country with no identification.

"Its been a debacle and a massive headache," she said.

A day after the theft, bridesmaid Anne-Marie Jensen was still wearing her bridesmaid's dress from the ceremony.

"All of my luggage was stolen," she said.

Instead of vacationing, now the Tesoriero family just wants to go home to Australia.

"It's quite upsetting for us," Grendenning said.

But they can't leave. First they must fly to California to try to replace their stolen passports.