Coyotes kill at least two cats in West Seattle

SEATTLE -- Some West Seattle residents say coyotes are terrorizing and killing their pets, and they want something done about it.

Shelsea Trotter lives in a highly-populated neighborhood in West Seattle, and until recently she never thought she'd have to worry about coyotes.

"I just never thought it was a risk, and I think, honestly, having my two big dogs I felt kind of protected by them like nobody would come near the house," she said.

That all changed recently when a coyote killed her cat.

"She was dead when we found her," Trotter said. "Her neck was broken and they opened her up and ate her, basically."

West Seattle resident Brenda Divers also lost a cat to coyotes.

"It was 1 a.m. and I heard a noise that was different than a cat fight," Divers said. "And I saw a dog-looking thing carrying a limp, fluffy animal."

Both women consider their pets members of the family, and losing one is painful.

"Devastating isn't even a word strong enough. I mean, we haven't eaten, haven't gone to work," Divers said.

Both women also know there are no easy solutions to keeping more pets from being killed.

"I'm not one to say run out and kill all the coyotes, but I do struggle with the fact they're coming too close for my comfort," Trotter said.

The women hope to work with the USDA to find a solution to the killings. The agency advices people who know coyotes live in the area to keep their pets on a leash, secure their garbage and not leave food out.