Cops: Des Moines man stabbed police dog, attacked roommate

DES MOINES, Wash. -- A Des Moines man accused of stabbing a police dog and attacking his roommate with a hammer now faces felony assault charges.

King County prosecutors contend Jaime Lopez Arciniega stabbed Kato, a Kent Police Department dog, on Sept. 24 after police tried to arrest him for hitting his roommate with a drywall mud masher.

Describing the incident, a Des Moines detective said police were called to a SeaTac home shortly after 6 p.m. after Lopez's roommate was found injured on the Des Moines Creek Trail in the 2100 block of South 200th Street.

According to charging papers, Lopez attacked the man with the mud masher. The man was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with a serious head injury.

Officers in the area saw Lopez running from his home and set up a perimeter, hoping to arrest him. Kato and his handler were called to the area to search for Lopez.

Writing the court, the detective said Lopez was walking toward officers when he was ordered to go prone on the ground. When Lopez failed to do so, Kato's handler released the dog.

Kato jumped on Lopez, biting him near his neck, the detective told the court. Lopez then stabbed the dog, according to charging papers.

Lopez was swinging the dog when Kato's handler struck him in the back, the detective continued. Officers then shocked Lopez with a stun gun and sprayed him with pepper spray before arresting him.

According to charging papers, Lopez continued reaching for a knife after he had been knocked to the ground. The arrest left Lopez bleeding from the face and a dog bite, and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Kato was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. He was expected to survive his wounds.

Speaking with police, Lopez admitted to hitting his roommate with the tool and to stabbing the dog, the detective told the court. According to charging papers, he said he attacked his roommate because he didn't like him and stabbed the dog because it bit him.

Lopez has been charged with second-degree assault as well as harming a police dog. He remains jailed.