Convicted rapist found guilty in UW burglary, kidnapping

SEATTLE -- The registered sex offender on trial for breaking into a University District home last year and holding six women at knifepoint was found guilty of nine felony charges on Wednesday.

{A href=""}Robert D. Hitt was convicted of first degree burglary, two counts of first degree robbery and six counts of first degree kidnapping, all with deadly weapons enhancements.

Hitt broke into the U District home in the early hours of March 5 and rounded up six of the eight University of Washington students who lived there.

He held the woman -- all aged 19-21 -- at knifepoint and forced them onto the floor, where police say he taped their hands behind their backs.

When he ran out of tape, he tore a lamp cord from the wall and used it to tie up the rest of the women, according to a victim. At one point, Hitt forced a woman to take off her clothes, police said.

A woman who was hiding in another room managed to call 911 before Hitt found her, and police rushed to the house. Officers heard screaming when they arrived and arrested Hitt at the scene.

Hitt had been released from prison just two months earlier after serving 10 years for a rape he committed in 2001. He had been classified as a low risk to re-offend and was under the supervision of the state Department of Corrections.

The burglary and one of the kidnap charges include sexual motivation aggravators, which means Hitt will face a life sentence under the state's "Two Strikes" law for repeat sex offenders, according to prosecutors.

A sentencing date has not yet been set.